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Modern Naval Air Command Operations Command your LIVE Brexit, fix it!

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August 23, 2016, Europe has experienced economic and political

reduce the impact of England’s decision to leave the European Union –

BREXIT. Both the British Pound and the Euro is almost collapsed and

Global stock markets recovered the body of the original kutokamshtuko

theBritish move. Eropahsyarikat based andthe stock market is in

entanglements as they try to negotiate a way out of the new reality

that hit the continent after a very stormy summer

Sunday after a vote in the United Kingdom, France, Denmark and Italy have taken their

referendum itself directly to Article 50 of the EU

Greece, still shaky economy and a large number below yashinikizo

hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming in from all

Mediterranean oobsoobs forced lainpilihan election campaign

Portugal and Spainhas seen little economic success have done

in a few years has swept away the financial disaster

they are hugely complex. Eastern European countries into

hardliners’ to deal with refugees and asked EU governments to

Brussels some difficult sanaswali vis-vis the costs and benefits


The Scottish National Party, which is in the process of determining

Referendum 2 iwanUK, the Basque Separatists in Spain

now the main supporter of the Euro tinggal.WalaupunTurkey is

stop asking to be part of the European Union for the first time in decades

Meanwhile, the United States will be one of the most divisive and violent

uchaguziKihistoria campaign, there are dozens if not hundreds

Protesters detained in any political events where some

political murder occurred was excellent in both the world and

in political organizations

With this excitement, NATO decision-makers struggling with

Patchwork programwith perlindungandi Baltic and Ukraine

As a stand-operation to strengthen the Baltic Air Policing ‘and

mafunzonchi message from the Baltics and Ukraine; Multinational

Brigade led by four countries and is made up of soldiers from others 5

scattered in four countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland)

As a solution. Although considered weak and most experts, set

USA, UK, Germany and the Baltic plans Canadianhukbo

commitment to the region if Russia isto attack the

mzimavikosi of attack not sahajaintegrasi

Agitation miss Russia. NATO unstable

politics, the whole concept of a cohesive command structure and

the ability to respond quickly is talking about. Baltic (Latvia

Lithuania, and Estonia) have long been a thorn in the side

Russia: they have large ethnic population Federation;

strategicallysila important defense separation Baltic, Kaliningrad;

their politics should not be allowed to kuingizwaNATO

sphereeffect. Perhaps now is a good opportunity to correct

past mistakes and berusahakuasa newly discovered where and when NATO

weak. If the Baltic can be taken in the short 1-2 days

campaign without tipping the world into another global crisis, NATO

never recovered. short window of opportunity existed before

Setting the Multi-National Brigade, just like birds like the Achena

no NATO ground forces, it is easier to defuse

The second condition set BREXIT No, noproblem! ‘Chora

Wrong, not NATO stable responses


two scenarios simulated qualifying perjanjiandan NATO Russia

occupation of Baltic states under two different scenarios: 1)

Europe prognosis slow response to political problems

BREXIT reason to follow impression, and; 2) not KamaBREXIT

mangyariat / or Europe to come to grips with the new reality, how

NATO will respond in ways that are relevant to crisis

conflict strong air and navalnarrow and shallow

Baltic Sea waters

Implementation of Sailing stop basing on criteria and delivery lead

abandon their mission and return to pelabuhanuntuk rearming or record

damage. Using Lua script adds a lot of energy to fight as

provided kisiasamutable

Some of the most modern equipment is used; F-22, Eurofighter

bagyoitinatampok battle side by side, the Russian SS-26 Iskander

Short Range Ballistic Missile systems, S-400 Sams, SM-3 – Theater

bulletguided ballistic missile defense as well as some of the latest and

the ability to send more than NATO and the Russian Federation calculation

Finland and Sweden the possibility of entering the fray as NATO

mempunyaimasalah, but considering allowing more space randomkwa

the possibility of repetition


The game is made Standalone, current, and features all previously issued



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ASCII art and

if God great duo

malodix + irokos

titanium artdivision


Command Modern Air Naval Operations Command

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